DH Discovery Sound Bar 32 inches


DH Discovery Sound Bar 32 inches stylish Sound Bar is designed with a powerful speaker in sturdy design. It is ideal speaker for home or office as it enhances the style statement of the spaces with elegant designs and finishing. This is ideal to add style to the drawing room and give a real theater feeling to the spaces. It comes with a reliable bass for producing loud and crystal clear audio. Besides this, it is designed with wooden MDF enclosed subwoofer with a front-facing bass reflex port.


  • Sound Bar 32 inches
    450 Watt to Hit Sound.
    4 Dyna Hit Sound
    Built in Bluetooth Technology
    Audio out for direct all input sources
    Volume adjustment with Bass separately
    Built in fully remote control
    Digital Media Player for Music
    Auto scanning of frequency modulation
    Built with USB/FM/SD Drive with auxiliary input
    Attractive Body Made Super Bass system
    Attractive Look Excellent Performance
    Complete wooden container
    Attachable with LED/PC Mobile
    Double input with EP Jack

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