Uniview Launched EZVMS—Unicorn, Unprecedented Powerful & Versatile All-in-one VMS Server

UNV Unicorn is an easy-to-deploy, scalable, and reliable management platform integrated with management, store, decoding and transfer functions for IPC, NVR, encoder, decoder, network keyboard and cloud devices.

Unicorn is suitable for video surveillance solutions with 200~1000 cameras. It offers you an intelligent solution that improves efficiency and reduces cost. It provides smart functions such as intrusion detection, cross line detection, defocus detection, scene change, and people counting analyses.

Unicorn supports the ONVIF open standard. It’s compatible with most major brands and IP cameras supported ONVIF standard. With the unique Ultra 265 deep compression technology, the storage cost can be greatly reduced by 75% at most. What’s more, Unicorn supports 48 HDDs at most when 2-diskenclosuresattached. To guarantee the data integrity, the latest RAID system was introduced to Unicorn which supports almost all RAID modes in the market, for example, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60.

Highlighted Features:

WAN solution

As the center of a distributed solution, Unicorn can manage the devices scattered in the internet and provide service like live view, video store, record playback and alarm notify. With the help of cloud service, you can gain access to the management center at anytime, anywhere. It is typically used for chained stores or construction sites which are connected through internet.

Master and Slave Architecture

Maximum 8 slave host can easily expand both the bandwidth and storage capacity of the system. The master host will take control of everything like throughput balancing, resource allocating and video stream transfer. It is especially designed for the project with large storage requirement.

Central Backup

Unicorn supports scheduled record backup function. When real-time recording is not feasible through the internet during weak network connection, Unicorn can back up the record at any other time. The backup process is very smart and it can resume from the last breakpoint of record backup.

Hot Standby

To ensure the system’s stability, the hot-standby device will coordinate with the working device frequently to synchronize data and configuration. If the working device is offline, the hot-standby device will take control the working device immediately to guarantee the system’s usability.

IPSAN Integration

Although the storage capability of Unicorn is very impressive, the management platform can integrate IPSAN to greatly expand the storage capacity which means having longer record time, more storage space and extra storage performance.

Incredible Decoding Ability

It is incredible that Unicorn can not only handle 16 channels of 2MP camera decoding by itself, but also deal with 112 channels of 2MP camera decoding at most by adding additional decode card.

TV Wall

With the optional decode card, Unicorn can support up to 15 monitors. Multi-monitors TV wall can be used to various kinds of surveillance business i.e. live view, video splitting.

About Uniview

Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years’ experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th largest manufacturer worldwide (IHS Markit).

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