Uniview Launches Three New Product Series to Meet Specific Needs of Different Industries

Uniview, the 6th largest manufacturer in global video surveillance market ranked from professional research institute IHS Markit, has newly launched three product series – Easy, Prime, Pro. The new product series allow Uniview to tailor existing products and services to meet the particular needs of different industries.

Both versatile and cost-efficient, products from Easy series are designed for the needs of entry-level video surveillance market such as home, office or other small business. This series provides the most cost-effective and easy-to-operate products and services. L series IP cameras, B series NVRs, Ultra 265 PoE kits and Navigator PTZ dome cameras are included. All of them are featured with Ultra 265 compression technology which is exclusively released by Uniview. It consists of standard H.265 compression and U-code technology to have excellent bitrate control and bandwidth reduction whereas keeping perfect image quality. Easy NVRs all support Plug & Play which are easy to install because of zero configurations. Moreover, they comply with ONVIF hence almost all types of cameras can be added to the device easily. Besides, SD card & ANR, cloud upgrade, one-click add applications are also featured so users can manage those devices conveniently and systematically.

Prime series has more advanced functions to implement excellent performance. Prime series products entirely are the first options for system integrator market and installer market. Using NVR as the core of the solution, products from Prime family are commonly used in commercial building, park, and small project applications to guarantee security effectively. This series contains standard and enhanced cameras and NVRs which have a wide range of smart functions, resolutions and high-quality video content intelligent analysis. Various mainstream resolutions such as 2/4/5/8MP are available for the whole series and can present different levels of image quality. VCA of recorders, including face detection, intrusion detection, and defocus detection, are able to enhance management efficiency significantly. Those cameras also support multiple interfaces to simplify configuration: audio, alarm I/O, and built-in microphone. Compared to common NVRs, NVRs in Prime series show better performance. They support up to 12MP recording resolution of cameras and 4K output, ready for professional solutions. Various technical methods are used to ensure the safety of NVR’s storage. For example, ANR, RAID, and N+1 hot spare would reduce costs if an unexpected accident happens.

The Pro series products are designed for more specialist IP security requirements. With features including ultra-high resolution, professional intelligent functions, these are designed for airports, highways, secure buildings and similar places focusing on large-scale platform applications. Those cameras provide 4K HD resolution and 12MP image quality to ensure extremely clear visual effects. Professional intelligent functions such as LPR (license plate recognition), LPD (license plate detection), and auto tracking functions are developed for a range of tougher scenarios. Addition to amazing cameras performance, Pro series NVRs also have outstanding ability to record and decode with professional hardware design. They are integrated with manage, store, and transfer functions. Pro NVRs have a hardware-based redundant power supply and BIOS to guarantee operation works safely. Video decode card can deliver two kinds of video wall applications – split screen mode and multi-screen mode. The extra disk enclosure allows the device to expand up to 48 HDD slots. The Pro series products are the first options for enterprise and project applications.

The new product series make a prominent role in helping business discover, choose and decide on the perfect product to purchase. Uniview will continue to emphasize developing high-quality products and proffering outstanding and innovative services in the near future.