Uniview Released The First Ultra 265 PoE Kit in the World

Uniview, the world’s top 7 video surveillance manufacturer launched the first Ultra 265 PoE kit. For owners of small and medium sized stores, Ultra 265 PoE kits are especially appropriate choices. The NVR has 4/8 IP video interfaces, embedded 1 hard disk for storage. Ultra 265 PoE kit features Ultra 265 which can help to save up to 95% storage space and 75% storage cost. Except these basic features, our new kit is also easy to use, quick response and cost-effective for store owners.

Quiet &Excellent Temperature Control

There are lots of complains about fan noise and working life of fan, but why so many manufacturers cannot solve this problem? Because manufacturers have to consider about temperature control of the device which will affect the reliability of video surveillance system operation. To solve this problem, we used a low power consumption chip with good performance instead in our new Ultra 265 PoE Kit. Hence we deleted the fan to eliminate noise and extend device life. It would be easier to maintain and guaranteed the stability of security system.

Long Range PoE & 0 Configuration

Even though the camera’s location is hundred meters away from NVR, you can still easily connect cameras directly to NVR for both power supply and video streaming because UNV NVR supports up to 250 meters long rang PoE. It helps to make your store 7×24 hours under protection with only a few steps during installation.

With 1 NVR and 4 cameras, user only needs to plug cameras to PoE interfaces and then watch live view and recording via the monitor. It’s simple to install, and no need neither extra power supply for cameras nor configuration. Also our new EZview version supports to search devices in LAN automatically, and set DST on APP interface. With a few steps of APP setting, you can easily make your system running perfectly with 0 configuration on NVR GUI.

Remote Surveillance &Cloud Upgrade, Right at Your Fingertip

All NVRs support UNV P2P cloud, you can watch recording or live view with your smartphone conveniently at anytime, anywhere. UNV P2P cloud also supports alarm push notifications to your smartphone. If the thief breaks into the store at night, store owners can get the alarm at the first time and record the proof in time.

Featured by UNV pioneered cloud upgrade, with one click on NVR or APP, you can keep your system with newest firmware. It’s extremely easy to maintain.

Professional, Right-priced Solution

Compared with recording in PC, which is very commonly used in stores, UNV NVR is more professional for video surveillance and cost-effective. PC is designed for compute, internet, games, etc. Its HDD is not suitable for 7×24 hours video recording since it is not designed to work consistently without power off. And it can be easier attacked by virus. UNV NVR is designed especially for video recording, much more professional and stable. And compared with PC, UNV NVR is more cost-effective.