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TF-256G-T-IN | UNV Uniview TF Purple Card
TF-256G-T-IN | UNV Uniview TF Purple Card

TF-256G-T-IN | UNV Uniview TF Purple Card

UniView has launched three Micro SD cards for different application scenarios, namely blue card, purple card and red card. Blue card features high-cost performance, high compatibility and long-term stability. Purple card features high performance for fast reading and writing speed and is widely applicable. Red card features durability, and it is applicable for high durability and extreme temperature. All three cards can be used in consumer electronics and CCTV front-end products.

Specification of TF-256G-T purple card
Description256G TF purple card
Storage mediaTLC
Speed classC10/U1/V10/A1
Max read speed100MB/s
Max write speed65MB/s
File systemFAT
Operating temperature32 0°C to 70°C
Storage temperature-25°C to 85°C
Dimensions11mmx15mmx1mm (0.43” x0.59” x0.04”)
 Weight Max 0.33g